Gender Pay Gap

In April 2019, SCRT Ltd reported the following information under the Gender Pay Gap Regulations. The data reflects the gender pay gap as at 5th April 2018.

Difference in hourly rate

Women earn £1 for every £1 that men earn when comparing median hourly wages. Their median hourly wage is 0.4% higher than men’s.

When comparing mean hourly wages, women’s mean hourly wage is 0.6% higher than men’s.

Proportion of women in each pay quarter

In this organisation, women occupy 91% of the highest paid jobs and 87% of the lowest paid jobs.

91% of the top quartile are women
88% of the upper middle quartile are women
83% of the lower middle quartile are women
87% of the lower quartile are women

Bonus Pay Gap

No Bonuses were paid.